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I am pretty good with using CVS to exert source control over a project - in part because I have made most of the obvious and many of the unobvious mistakes but mostly because I have accumulated a handful of really superb reference sites to which I can refer to sort out anything tricky.

Other notes:

And this tidbit from the UUACS mailing list:


I am attempting to set up cvs where only certain people can write and everyone can read (well most of the time, sometimes only the group can read). I was wondering what people are doing for this?

I have it working doing changing the lock file to be placed in /var/lock/cvs (which is world writtable) and then changing the module to be only writtable by the group.

Seems simple enough, but since the lock directory has to be world writable, someone could go remove a lock while it is checked out... so any better ideas?


Maybe setting the sticky bit would work? Then, only the person who placed the lock can remove it. (ie setting the directory to 1777 instead of 0777 with chmod +t).