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My iPhoto albums:

2006 Easter Celebration
2005 trip to France
2004 trip to Chicago and Beaver Island
Misc. doggie pictures
4th of July 2004
4th of July 2006
Beth and Bryan's 2005 baby shower
2004 Pesach celebration
2006 Pesach celebration
Rebecca's Graduation '06
Michelle's Graduation '06
2004 Pumpkin carving party
2006 LA County Arboretum art show
2007 LA County Arboretum art show
2003 LA County Arboretum art show
2004 LA County Arboretum art show
2005 LA County Arboretum art show
2007 Thanksgiving and Christmas

Some MPEGs:

Babbling arroyo stream and Shauna
Buzz, Bentley and Aly play
Bethesda cycada flies off
Shauna comes down
Shauna disobeys
Shauna on the trail
Shauna trots up Moist Canyon
Balloon animals
Buzz digs, digs, digs
Shauna and Buzz frollic
Shauna cools off
Shauna in Arroyo
Shauna sniffs
Shauna up the bank

House modification floorplan

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